Protect your business and employee health

Control Visitors temperature

Using an automatic terminal for controlling the temperature of visitors Fotolook.VTC (Visitors Temperature Control)

Protecting employees and visitors from the spread of viruses

Timely identification of people with fever will help maintain collective health and prevent the spread of disease in public places. Caring for the health of your team - you reduce the possible outlay in your business!


Automatic detection and measurement of human temperature
No need to interact or touch device
Just come up


No more than 3 seconds for measurement
No queues at control point


High accuracy 0.3 degrees


Fixing photos of visitors in the database (optional)


Notification in case of high temperature


Face recognition
18.5 inch screen (any sizes by request)

We offer several versions of our solutions.


Fotolook VTC Terminal

A compact terminal that is convenient to check at the checkpoint, or other point where you want to control the temperature of visitors

Temperature Frame

Fotolook VTC Frame

A compact mobile frame, similar to a standard metal detector frame, only measures the temperature of a passing stream of people. Fast, compact, easy installation.


Fotolook VTC KIT

You can integrate our temperature detector into your device. If necessary, we can develop additional logic, peripherals, or adapt the software to your usage scenario.



With our visitor temperature monitoring system, you can reduce risk of spreading viruses.


Made in Russia

Making changes to an order

Embed anywhere


Human error exception

Mounting Options

on the wall
on a tripod
on the turnstile


Custom logic development, or system integration possible

Any colors available for order

Temperature control frame

For whom

  • Business centers, shops, shopping centers
  • Factories
  • Restaurants, cafes
  • Schools, hospitals, private clinics
  • Banks, hotels

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Hospitals, medical facilities, grocery stores, life-supporting organizations as well as continuous-cycle enterprises operate even in conditions of self-isolation. It is important not only to ensure continuous operation, but also to ensure the safety of employees and the people with whom they work. Monitoring the temperature of visitors at the checkpoint will help to identify a sick person (with fever) and protect the company from closure to forced quarantine. Prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in crowded places. Be healthy!